The rules for most combat robotics clubs are derived from the rule sets. These rule sets are designed to cover combat robots from 5 ounces to 250 pounds, and includes some leeway as to the implementation of tournaments and the permissability of weapon types.

As is custom, these rules have been modified to strike irrelevant sections (marked as such) and make a few allowances that are appropriate for smaller (12lb and under) combat robots (marked as such). These rules are in alignment with competitions at WAR, DARC and other locations, meaning you could take your bots to those competitions without modification, and vise versa. 

Please shoot me an email if you have any questions regarding the rules. 

  • Matches are 3 minutes in duration
  • If we have less than 5 bots in a weight class we will do a round robin tournament
  • If we have more than 5 bots in a weight class we will do double elimination tournament
  • 20 minutes between repeat fights for any given bot (note: bot, not competitor)
  • Judging is performed by 3 judges who will be announced in advance and are not competing. They will consider with equal weight aggression, control and damage. Each judge gets one vote and majority rules.
  • Participants are welcome and expected to bring their own tools and spare parts to fix bots between fights in the 'pits'. Safety in the pits will be rigorously enforced by a designated safety officer. 
  • Please read with care the robot construction specifications, and email with any questions.