Check out our youtube channel for all the latest videos from our competitions. 

Below are a few videos of our favorite fights! Enjoy!

Break Dancing!
Watch Annoying on Porpoise (1 lb plastic robot) try her hand a break dancing! A lifter bot helps her get started. 

Fairy Fighting
Ti-Rekt is our 1/3 lb (150g) metal bot (yes, you read that right!). Watch him take on a 1/3 lb Dark bot. Note: If you ever go to a competition and hear you are going up against Dark *insert any name*, pray...pray like crazy. Watch what happens when Ti-Rekt - a walking bot with a vertical spinner - tries to take on a Dark bot with a horizontal spinner. 

First Arena Kick!
After robot parts are strewn about, Doominator bcome the first plastic robot to kick an opponent out of the arena! Note: This arena is inside of a larger arena made of plexiglass. Everyone is safe when robots are ejected.

Next Arena Kick! 
Shortly there after Rain When I Die kicked another robot out of the arena!

Doominator Kicks Again!
Another arena kick by Doominator!

Lich King Fights with No Legs
Lich King gets his wheels chopped off pretty quickly but that doesn't stop him from fight with dance moves!

Doominator Takes out His Mom!
Doominator takes on Eclipse and makes short work of her in a hurry. 

Sunshine Lands a Robot
Sunshine - our 16" 1 lb robot proves that if it can happen, it well happen! Spinny Mc Spinnerface turns into Windmill Mc Windmill face.

When the Day is Over...
At the end of each competition, those whose robots are left intact can enter their robots into the robot rumble. It's a 5 minute free-for-all battle. These videos are a great way to see the incredible variety of plastic robots out there! From keyboards to dust pans, you can get as creative as you want!